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Awarded Hiveware domain:

Top domains that need entrepreneurial ownership:

  • Hiveware for <below are 17 suggested domains> (<suggested unique characteristic for this domain>)
  • Hiveware for <your domain> (free for anyone who wants to create a hive)
  • Hiveware for Health Care (distributed patient records)
  • Hiveware for Maps (distributed synchronous input/output)
  • Hiveware for Information Services ()
      • Hiveware for Word (document piece ownership unlike GoogleDocs and Word365 free-for-all group editing)
          • Hiveware for Scholars ()
  • Hiveware for Security (optional clear-text r/o file names vs uuid r/o file names vs memory-only diskless files )
  • BuiltinApps
    • Hiveware for MyFiles (File Explorer look-alike, but with one ownable copy/multiple virtual copies instead of today's multiple non-ownable non-scalable copies like DropBox, etc.)
  • Hiveware for Software Development ()
  • Hiveware for Gaming (synchronous distributed behavior for players, context)
  • Hiveware for Music (creators sell musical creations directly to users)
  • Hiveware for Arts (creators sell digital works of art directly to individuals)
    • Hiveware for Performing Arts (performers sell directly to viewers)
    • Hiveware for Photos (monetizable photo galleries)
  • Hiveware for Teaching Learning (verbal or behavioral knowledge dissemination and human learning techniques)
  • Hiveware for OperationalTechnology (direct monitoring and/or control of industrial equipment)
  • Hiveware for Motion Pictures ()
  • Hiveware for Electronic Data Interchange (ANSI X12, EDIFACT synchronous item transmission and eventaully forms like Purchase 950)
  • Hiveware for Retail ()
  • Hiveware for Virtual Reality (scalable decentralized input/output instead of non-scalable non-secure edge-backend approach)
  • Hiveware for Financial Services (all items are non-fungible, not built on non-scalable blockchain which requires proof-of-work or proof-of-stake and concensus kludges)
  • Hiveware for IoT ()

Three Steps to become a 'Hiveware for ...'  owner and entrepreneur:

  1. Pick out a domain area that you have experience in and have entrepreneurial interest in.
  2. Read our policy.
  3. Send an email to indicating your wish to begin.

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