Hiveware® policy consists of the following where hive stands for Hyperstructured Interactive Virtual Environment software:

Hives are created by signing an Sdcdc® Domain Contract. Each hive shall maintain a unique merchant ID and bank account to and from which revenues and obligations may be received and disbursed. Hives consist of licensed Hiveware® authors and subscribers who each have electronically signed the Hiveware® License's Hiveware® Subscriber License Agreement. Each subscriber or author shall have a member ID unique to that hive.

Any member of any hive may sign someone else up as a member of his hive providing that the new person agrees to their hive's rules of order, has agreed to the terms of the Hiveware® License and has established a payment account with the hive.

Becoming a member of a particular hive conveys rights to patents and trademarks which serve to establish and protect the hive's structure, content and augmented code behavior. Becoming a member of a particular hive means the new subscriber also gets Populated, where to Populate means the one who signs the new subscriber up automatically and immediately propagates a copy of his hive's current structure, content and code behavior to the new subscriber and where the new subscriber has the right and capability to receive immediate and continual updates from any and all of the hive's authors.

Any hive member may create a contract with any new subscriber for the establishment of a new hive using the provided Sdcdc® Domain Contract where Sdcdc® stands for Synchronous Distributed Context Distributed Content.

Each hive member can obtain technical and customer support from any or designated members of his hive regarding his hive's content and behavior. Should his hive's technical and customer support not be sufficient, he may obtain support from his ancestor hive. Likewise, each hive can obtain technical and customer support from the hive who signed his hive up referrred to as his current ancestor hive.

Each hive may augment his ancestor's Hiveware® policy but not substantively alter it. Each hive may augment his ancestor's inherited code behavior, but not substantially alter it.

Each signed Hiveware® contract or license has the right to a trial period of up to one year during which either party to the document may request a renegotiation. If no negotiation is requested during that time, the signed document remains in effect.

Termination is defined as ceasing to have the right to further continual updates from a hive's authors. Termination does not affect already received structure and content. Each Hiveware® author or subscriber is entitled to a time-stamped export in ISO 8879 SGML format. Termination criteria are set forth by the hive's rules and order. A subscriber's payment agreement with his hive will stop within 30 days after he unchecks the Hiveware Control tray menu item Always On.

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