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Check out "AT&T Cloud Glitch" for an example of what you can expect if you trust big servers.

For an example of a real grassroots cooperative authoring teamwork which still uses servers to facilitate cooperation, see "Social Knitwork". If this app had been written in Hiveware, there would be no need for servers and the participants would be able to sell their wares directly to each other and their fans.

At last, someone articulate enough to describe how we, who use the computer to do real work, feel about the mobility craze. Robert Seaton's "I Hate My Smartphone" rant even describes the desire for the functionality of a Hiveware app in the works (see 4th paragraph from the bottom beginning with "The least excusable failing of Android and that I can't move from what I'm working on with my MacBook or desktop and then to my smartphone"). It has taken evolution millions of years to develop our 10 fingers. Smartphones only use 8 of them. Not exactly a winning navigation architecture and neither is gesture for real computer work.

Symantec Unplugs from the Cloud (the Washington Post, 13/12/16)

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