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    Hiveware Inc. is a privately held corporation founded by Robert Tischer. It was incorporated under the laws of Virginia on May 21st, 2012. Hiveware Inc. was formed to develop and market a family of software applications derived from the Hiveware® technology. Hiveware® implements cooperative authoring for any application. Hiveware Inc. exists to develop and market this technology. Robert Tischer is the inventor of Hiveware and is the president of Hiveware Inc.

    Hiveware Inc. is currently founder, friends and family and software consultant funded and is developing two demo applications for interested software and content developers: Hiveware® for Word and Hiveware® for MyFiles. See YouTube (search for Hiveware) so see prototype of the technology applied to the Microsoft Word user application.

    Hiveware Inc. Corporate Objectives

    The corporate objectives of Hiveware Inc. are:

    ·       To develop and commercialize the Hiveware® method and system;

    ·       To lease the Hiveware® patent rights to and domains and software to downstream content-area vendors; and

    ·       To create a new kind of distributed and dynamic value-added revenue chain by using Hiveware® technology in order to dynamically create and maintain links among sets of authors, their information intermediaries, subscribers and downstream publishers and aggregators, and vendors all the while using distributing computing under the Hiveware® paradigm to guarantee enforcement of royalty agreements.

    Hiveware Inc. Corporate Vision

    ·       It is the intention of Hiveware, Inc. to build and market the Hiveware® technology in the form of Hiveware® distributed applications. As the invention stipulates, these apps:

    o   can create new downstream apps without the use of servers

    o   will transcend today’s notions of files, folders and even objects

    o   enable groups of authors, human or device,  to cooperatively create and evolve an ensemble distributed software product/service

    o   be as scalable as language itself because each contributor will be overlaid a common, yet evolving, grammar fabric

    o   not incur additional computer hardware costs

    o   will provide an improved form of app security that is immune to denial-of-service attacks

    o   and will allow author-entrepreneurs to exact payment for contributed content

    ·       The vision of Hiveware, Inc. is to become the premiere symbol and vendor of this new class of cooperative software framework and engage companies in a cross-industry development effort by granting them rights and privileges that will allow them to move the technology entrepreneurially forward within their area of expertise.

    Exclusive Patent Rights Held by Hiveware, Inc

    United States Patent No. 7, 124,362 – issued October 17, 2006

    Australia Patent No. 2002324778 – issued October 2nd, 2008

    Philippine Islands Patent No. 1-2004-500256 – issued October 30th, 2008

    European Union Patent No. 1 430 409 – issued November 17, 2010






                Great Britain




    Canadian Patent No. 2,458,860 – final fee paid March 21, 2011

    Indian Patent Application No. 00192/DELNP/2004 – pending examination of granted European patent.

    Chinese Patent Application No. 02816585.3 -  no appeal after final rejection April 17, 2011.

    Hong Kong Patent No. EP 1 430 409 B1 issued November 17, 2010.

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