for hive developers

Are you a native code Windows developer? Would you like to work from your own home, develop a Hiveware® app and eventually earn money from it?  Then read this: Wanted! Entrepreneurial Hiveware C++ Developers with Multiple-Authoring Ideas.

Below is a slide tutorial you can study which will introduce you to the basic architecture of Hiveware®. It was this set of slides that was presented to the European Patent Commission on June 5, 2009, that persuaded the 3 ex-programmer Patent Examiners to award a patent for the technology. Europeans almost never award software patents anymore so achieving one for the Hiveware® technology makes it even more valuable. You are welcome to contact us to schedule an appointment for a talk-through.

The following is a pictorial introduction to the concept of multiple fragment executables, a main pillar of Hiveware®.





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