Hiveware® for MyFiles

The Hiveware® for MyFiles app uses the Hiveware® engine to let users drag and drop files and folders and view and use them on any device he or she owns. Although Hiveware normally operates with concepts and not files and folders, users currently perceive file sharing as a needed capability.

The difference between MyFiles and other file sharing apps like Dropbox is MyFiles does not use servers or clouds in any way. Instead it uses the memory and storage already present in the user’s various devices including Desktop, laptop and mobile devices to store the files and folder information.

It has not been decided whether or not MyFiles will be a free app or whether it will cost $1 or $5 when it is finished being developed. C++ entrepreneurs are being solicited to participate in its development. Before release, each of these participating C++ entrepreneurs will participate in the final price setting on a one-man-one-vote basis.

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