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Falls Church, VA Hiveware Inc., a startup software development company in Northern Virginia, has been developing a transformational technology by the name of Hiveware. Hiveware is the endpoint-to-endpoint platform like Hiveware for MyFiles and Hiveware for MyFamily. The MyFiles and MyFamily apps will introduce Hiveware to the world followed by Hiveware apps of all kinds. Hiveware's architecture is a new approach to n-to-m systems (that is, n subscribers to m producers):


End users, developers and especially entrepreneurs are welcome to review the Hiveware technology. Take a look at the IT for professionals tab for in-depth descriptions of the technology. For a look at the company's mission statement, see about Hiveware Inc.

Content organization today is haphazardly and implicitly based on the archaic file and folder computer artifacts created in the 1950s when today it should be overlaid with a network of concepts based on social interaction based on a particular topic area. To date natural language is the only real capability homo sapiens has for establishing communicative social interaction and to date ISO 8879 SGML (not XML) is the only international standard that makes the connection between natural language and the computer tractable..

The Hiveware technology implements a general tool for facilitating human cooperation. Although collaborative technologies are fairly well developed today, generalized cooperative implementations are non-existent. Ushering in this era will be an overhaul of the IPv4 Internet Protocol with an upgrade to IPv6. IPv6 eliminates the need to share IP addresses via NAT, which lets user nodes push content and context directly to the observer who previously has asked or paid for it.

Here is a picture of what the interconnected world would look like if Hiveware's push technology reigned instead of today's corp-centric client-server technology (eg, cloud). Thinking humans would man each one of these nodes. Now imagine doing an internet search in such a rich context (Google only does metric searches, not context searches):






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